Paw Painting

by Cricket, Snip and Widget

Cricket the artist surveys his work

These are the artistic creations of three rats, Cricket, Snip and Widget. They hope you enjoy their works of art!



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Notes on technique

Blue Contemplation


Cricket's first effort displays his skills in monochrome shading, from the faintest sky blue claw mark to the fully saturated deep blue paw press.

Rainbow Jamboree


Snip's riot of primary colors is supplemented with tasteful scent marking. He delicately blends his red, yellow and blue into a suspicion of green, orange and purple, covering the rainbow spectrum. Snip's broad range of color gives his painting the joyous ebullience of a young rat in early summer.

Festival in Secondaries


Widget displays his skills with the challenging secondaries: orange, purple and green. His blends hint at earthiness, ranging from the purplish browns of deep night, the time of the rat, to the fiery tans of the sun's late afternoon glow. Behind the scenes (1)...

August Tales


Cricket uses his tail as a paintbrush for his second work of art. His wisps of color recall summer heat and deep noon shadows. The swirling of his strokes brings the painting to life and movement, like a warm breeze whiskering through the entrance of a rat's tunnel, inviting little ratlets to play. Behind the scenes (2)...

Traveling Companion


In his third painting, Cricket elaborates on the philosophical issue of the rat-human relationship. Cricket's bright purples blend with the reds and blues of human handprints, enriching and unifying the image into a greater whole.

Joyous Spring


In Cricket's first painting on canvas, he performs an homage to spring in a deep floral pinks and vibrant blue-greens. His warm yellow-greens hint at tender grass shoots from an ancestral rat memory; his streaks of aqua and magenta meandering among the pawprints recall wild rat paths under nodding, fragrant lilacs. To see how it was done, visit Rats on Canvas.

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