Tail Painting... behind the scenes

On his second day of painting, Cricket decided to try a different artistic technique. I spread non-toxic, washable children's paint on the bottom of his tail, and placed him on his paper canvas at the bottom of an ten gallon aquarium. We started with blue and red.

Cricket walked slowly around his canvas, dragging his paintbrush behind him, creating delightful streaks in shades of purple, curves of bright primary blue, and lines and blots of deep red. We added yellow to the tail next, and he supplemented his painting with springlike greens and the slightest hint of orange.

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Cricket, blue and purple
Making curves
A splash of yellow

Close up of Cricket's painting

His wisps of color recall the bright summer heat and the deep noon shadows of high summer. The swirling of his strokes bring the painting to life and movement, like a warm breeze whiskering through the entrance of a rat's tunnel, inviting little ratlets to play.

The artist himself

Cricket was fatigued by his creative effort, but submitted to a commemorative photograph with typical poise. He allowed me to clean his tail, paws and fur in the sink, then gravely submitted to his brother Snip's ministrations upon being returned to his cage.

He currently sits on his next box, clean, refreshed and munching a yoghurt drop, contemplating future works of art.



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