Rat Real Estate

Domestic Living

Cozy studio apartment perfect for single rat
• 1 BR studio apartment
• 38 square inches
• Finest quality Kleenex & Quaker oats boxes
• Single entry prevents drafts and unwanted light
• Thin walls ideal for warm climate
• Brand new

Luxury residence for multi-rat group
• 88 square inches
• Two doors and ceiling exit encourage harmonious residential living
• Cathedral ceilings provide spaciousness, allow for ratpiles
• Open floorplan
• Brand new

Excellent development potential!
• 108 Square inches
• Charming classic ranch home
• Two dark nest corners
• Thick, corrugated walls for maximum heat retention and darkness
• Sturdy roof perfect for basking
• Custom designed door and ceiling exits
• Floor needssome work
• Sold as is

Country Homes

Affordable Country Homes

Sunny duplex: start your own colony!
• Two front door system ideal for extended family
• Connect the two halves for large burrow system
• Leave connection closed for more privacy
• Low grass provides excellent visibility
• Proximity to road reduces coyote presence

Brand new baby oak home!
• Can't afford a mature oak? Buy next to a sapling!
Wise investment!
• 2 BR, 1 Bath, 1 storage area, 2 exits
• Up to date drainage

Classic, stately home
• 4 BR, 1 Bath, 2 storage areas, 2 exits
• Custom arched front door
• Sunken entrance
ideal for unobserved basking and surveying
• Smooth, well-worn tunnels
• No intruding roots
• Soft, mature grass landscaping
• Near-invisible bolthole hidden in nearby grass
perfect for vanishing


Romantic root house: live in a fairy tale!
• 2 BR, 1 Bath, 2 exits
• Delightful location at base of ancient tree
• Custom entrance between ancient tree roots
• Packed earth allows good drainage
• Nearby vines provide cover

Ideal starter burrow!
Recently left your parents? Tired of renting?
Visit our latest affordable burrow!
• 1 BR, 1 Bath, 1 storage room, 1 exit
• Compact, cozy studio
• Packed earth surroundings allow for maximum visibility
• Nearby olympic-size puddle provides seasonal water
• Human automobile traffic overhead keeps predators away!
• Sold as is

Luxury Country Estates

"The Oak Treehouse": prestigious country estate

Prestigious tree estate
"The Oak Treehouse": prestigious country estate
• 7 BR, 4 Bath, 4 exits
• Prestigious, custom-built home
• Tunnels climb inside tree to three balconies
• Spacious 12 square yard burrow system underground
• Completely remodeled tunnels and drainage
• Expansive views of California oak and eucalyptus

Executive arched entrance
• Executive arched door
• Solid earth and wood lintel
• Mature, grass-lined entryway
Dual balconies
• Tunnels climb inside tree, open onto two balconies!
• Lofty ledges ideal for sunbathing and scanning
Tower room and balcony
• Interior tunnel climbs to tower room and balcony
• Stunning panoramic view

• "The Olives": luxury tree estate

Luxury olive tree estate
"The Olives": luxury tree estate
• 5 BR, 3 Baths, 2 storage areas, two exits
• Tunnel system covers 10 square yards underground
• Two raised wooden decks allow for basking and sentry duty
• Unique, artistic home encased in tree trunk
• Maximum security from inclement weather and predators
• Mature landscaping
• Excellent drainage
• Quiet neighborhood
Hidden front door
• Private, discreet, sheltered front door visible only from one side
• Western exposure for gorgeous sunsets and
optimal twilight illumination
• Front door has easy access to safe, raised basking deck
View from front door
• Gorgeous view onto California oak and eucalyptus landscape
• Excellent visibility while staying invisible to predators
Discreet bolthole four yards from tree
• Discreet bolthole 4 m south of tree
• Allows for rapid retreat underground
• Serves as emergency exit
• Small, tidy bolthole
• No conspicuous dirt mound
• Sunken entrance only visible from above

Disclaimer: This page is for humorous purposes only. Note that the burrows portrayed above are not actual wild rat burrows. These are the burrows of California ground squirrels.

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