Rat Products

Split pea flavor

Macaroni and cheese flavor

Frosted lab blocks

Flavored lab blocks

Lab blocks are the most balanced diet on the market for rats. But many rats won't eat the regular flavor! We introduce three delicious lab block flavors your rats are guaranteed to love: split pea, macaroni and cheese, and frosted dessert blocks. Visit your local pet supply store for a promotional sample today!

  • Balanced, healthy diet
  • Every bite is nutritionally complete
  • Split pea, macaroni and cheese, and frosted flavors grown or produced organically by liberal arts graduates
  • Your rat will love them or your money back!

Computer Cage

Do you spend hours at the computer, sending email, surfing the web, and reading mailing lists? Wouldn't you rather spend that time with your rats? Now you can do both at once!

With our spacious computer monitor cage, your rats live right next to your computer. You can interact with your pets without ever leaving your desk.

Want a break from work? Simply open the cage door in the back and let your rats out to play on your desk!

  • solid floors, shelves and ramps
  • safe 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire mesh front
  • ventilation slits on sides allow aeration, prevent odor buildup
  • Door in back opens into ramp
  • Top and sides of monitor lift off a tray, allow for easy cleaning
  • Optional: soft washable keyboard cover protects keys from pee but allows typing

Rat Diapers

Are you tired of sticky urine marks on your furniture, remote control, computer mouse, and clothing? Don't want to put your pet through elective neutering surgery? Rat Diapers will solve your problem!

  • Soft, washable, reusable polar fleece
  • Easy velcro attachment on back
  • Available in seven colors: teal, burgundy, taupe, white, pink, baby blue, and camouflage (pictured at left).
  • Diapers come in packs of 10.
Author's note:  The products on this page, including the rat diapers, are for humorous purposes only.  They do not exist for sale.


Find-a-rat beeper

Does your rat hide when he knows its time to go back into the cage? Do you have trouble finding him? Never lose your rat again with our brand new rat harness and beeper set! Just attach the beeper to your rat, clap your hands, and listen for the beep!

  • Harness
    • Soft yarn harness with hand-knit chest belt and braided collar
    • Convenient key ring on back
    • Available in small, medium and large sizes
    • Available in three colors: black, forest green, and rainbow (pictured)
  • Beeper
    • Produces soft beep when you clap
    • Range: 30 feet
    • Available in black, white and silver (pictured)
    • AG10 battery

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