June 30, 2000. To the tune of "88 Lines About 44 Women," Anne, Paint and Smudge present:
88 Lines About 44 Rats
Major digs in his dog's ears, though he finds that nothing's there,
Mumford charms the ratophobes, lets them know that all is clear.
Mango is a glutton-rat, grabs the dish and stuffs his face,
Big Bad Benny, sewer rat, packs a pistol and a mace
Sir Pellinore, Arthur's knight, was rescued by his current dad,
Cookie is a big bossrat, but turns all squishy when he's not mad.
Fudge is scared of regular things, but built himself a cool igloo,
Dapper-rat, the gentleman, always knocks then enters too.
Tag Along Rat follows feet, he's momma's baby and comes when called,
Bliss, a champagne dumbo rat, is a happy boy and laughs out loud.
Phoebe is a fraidy rat, puts up with petting for a treat,
Zoe is her twin in crime, together they don't miss a beat.
Thistle is a baby rat, but still a mother though so small,
Borax loves to watch wildfires, holds the scope and stands up tall.
Freddy fell asleep in hand while being carried in a store,
Geoffrey is the ghost of Jake, wierding out his mother more.
Sage is a teatime rat, with a color of fresh spice,
Little Tara's life was short, but in her span she was so nice.
Tara-too is her shadow, still untame but coming round,
Corri is a quadruplet, tail is blue to ensure he's found.
Willie was a sweetie boy, escaped one day into the blue,
Lola took his place for days, got knocked up and bit mom too.
Templeton had been abused, but now is kind and lives solo,
Space Ghost is an alpha rat, gentle unless he smells his foe
Isaac is a tailless rat, became wild but now will lick,
Irene whips her tail all round but never ever tries to nip.
Celeste is svelte, and writes limericks as she outruns the cat
Laverne is a forecaster, a definite all-weather rat
Ben is a himalayan doe, so trusting she will sleep in hands,
Taz had personality, he was quick with words and demands.
Kayla came from a petstore, round with pups just like a ball,
Splinter runs his maze the fastest, he's champion of them all.
Sharley is a floppy rat, must be dug out from his home,
Binx is a skydive rat, would rather jump than sweatshirt roam.
Gizmo runs a mile a minute but he's learned to share his space,
Gadget helps him turn the crank, together round and round they race.
Pincushion escapes one night, stuffs himself on cereal,
Frodo once loved his mix, but he'd rather other material
Denise climbs up on an arm when she wants to get right out,
Lisa is an avid chewer, remove her toy and she will pout.
Paint is an adventurer, but will take a pause to cuddle long
Sister Smudge runs in her wheel, "rattling raisins" is her song
Rattus rattus run the bathroom, and help mom when she has to go
Filmore, current ghost of Filbert, is our last one, a rex dumbo.
88 lines about 44 rats…

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